INVL fund that invests in forest and land raised an additional EUR 22.9 million

The INVL Sustainable Timberland and Farmland Fund II (STAFF II), which invests in forest and land in the Baltic Sea region and Central and Eastern Europe, has raised a further EUR 22.9 million to reach a size of EUR 81.3 million.

“The money raised from investors demonstrates their trust in our fund and provides more opportunities for putting the assets entrusted to us to achieve significant growth. Having successfully invested in the Lithuanian and Latvian markets, we continue looking for more acquisitions in the Baltics as well as in other countries across Central and Eastern Europe,” says Martynas Samulionis, the STAFF II’s Managing Partner.

After the latest closing, STAFF II is now significantly nearer to its target fund size of EUR 100 million.

“The STAFF II’s long-term sustainability strategy is in line with the EU’s ambitious goals to mitigate climate change. All investors who put money into the fund are making a real contribution to achieving our goals of being socially responsible and creating long-term value for investors, society and the environment,” Samulionis adds.

STAFF II adheres to global sustainable management practices and, in the process of consolidation of top-quality forests and land holdings, places strong emphasis on sustainable forest and farmland management and social responsibility. The fund invests in European Union (EU) countries that offer attractive investment returns and a stable regulatory environment.

Sustainable forest management is based on the compliance with sustainable forestry standards, international and national agreements, and legislation, ensuring the social and economic well-being of employees and seeking to strengthen local communities. Forests are managed in a way that allows them to thrive for centuries, providing multiple benefits for people and the environment.

Responsible land management helps maintain a clean and safe environment, landscape and biodiversity, and also ensures the preservation of high-quality soils.

In June 2022, the STAFF II’s portfolio manager INVL Asset Management closed its first forest fund, the INVL Baltic Forests Fund I. This fund earned an average annual return of 27.3% for investors, which was significantly higher than the initially targeted 8%.

INVL Asset Management is a part of INVL, the leading investment management and life insurance group in the Baltics.

About the INVL Sustainable Timberland and Farmland Fund II (STAFF II)

STAFF II is administered by the Apex Group, one of Europe’s largest providers of fund services. The fund invests in sustainably managed forests and agricultural land in the Baltic Sea region and the Central and Eastern parts of the European Union. It is intended for institutional and private investors from EU countries.

The fund operates under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and invests in specific countries in keeping with the regulatory restrictions set out by those countries.