INVL fund acquires 1,270 ha of forest and land in Latvia

The INVL Sustainable Timberland and Farmland Fund II (STAFF II), which invests in forest and land in the in the Baltic countries and Central and Eastern Europe, completed a transaction to acquire 1,270 hectares of forest and land in Latvia.

The fund acquired the land and forest plots in the neighbouring country through its subsidiaries Zemvalde Forest and Zemvalde Agro. That includes 338.2 ha of forest, with the rest being agricultural land.

“The fund continues actively expanding, using the capital raised from investors for that purpose. This long-term investment has great potential for developing sustainable forestry and agriculture in Latvia’s regions. Having successfully invested in the Lithuanian and Latvian markets and entered Romania, we’re looking for other acquisitions, including in Central and Eastern European countries which feature attractive investment returns and a stable regulatory environment,” said Martynas Samulionis, the fund’s managing partner.

The STAFF II fund, part of the INVL group, follows global sustainable management practices as it works to consolidate top-quality forests and land holdings. The fund places strong emphasis on sustainable forest and farmland management and social responsibility. It invests in countries of the European Union.

The INVL fund has raised a total of EUR 81.3 million from investors. It owns 17,000 ha of forest and land.

The fund is administered by the Apex Group, one of Europe’s largest providers of fund services. The fund invests in sustainably managed forests and agricultural land in the Baltics and Central and Eastern European Union countries. It is intended for institutional and private investors from EU countries.

The STAFF II fund operates under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and invests in specific countries in keeping with the regulatory restrictions set out by those countries.